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When You Should Call Your Orlando AC Repair Specialists

You may not be aware, you may not even know there’s an issue, but your air conditioner may need an Orlando ac repair specialist.

How To Perform an Orlando AC Repair

Having trouble with your AC? Don’t call a professional just yet, your Orlando AC repair may be a quick fix. Now that spring is coming to an end, the hot humid air is on its way. In Florida, the only way we get through this climate change is to rest in some cold AC. Don’t […]

The Hazards of Hiring the Unlicensed

While licensing isn’t necessarily a measure of competence, it does imply a certain level of professionalism and suggests that the contractor is committed to his or her job.  More significantly, licensing can protect you from a number of potential problems, such as the following:

8 Simple Steps to Identify Molds

Mold is common across the globe. When exposed to mold the majority of the population can handle low-level exposure, but the problem with mold is that it multiplies exponentially when it has access to moisture and organic products like building materials, food, soil, wood, paper, leaves and fabric. Exposure to molds can cause cold-like symptoms, […]

Contractor Checklist

We understand you have a lot of choices in Central Florida for heating and air conditioning services. We want you to make the best selection and not be fooled by disreputable contractors. To help you find the best provider, we created the following checklist to help you be confident in your selection.