Orlando Air Conditioner Maintenance Done Right

Orlando Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here at 4 Seasons, if you have difficulty with your AC, we are your Orlando air conditioner maintenance team to call. We can help you with any and all issues you could run into with your unit. Here’s how we can help you.

Whether it’s emergency service, or system installation, at 4 Seasons, we have you covered. We not only can help, but we also offer a Gold Club Membership to help you keep your system in-line with routine checkups and maintenance at a discounted price.

Emergency Service for When You Need It

Is your AC not working? Or is your AC not blowing cold air, just warm, musty air? With 4 Seasons, we will come when you call so you don’t have to worry about a warm summer day without AC or a freezing winter afternoon without heat.

No job is too small for 4 Seasons. If you have an issue, whether it’s a broken fan or a leaking condenser, we can send someone over to try and see if there isn’t a way to resolve the issue.

System Installation

If your AC system is too old or has just broken, it’s probably time to start considering purchasing a new AC unit. A new unit may be expensive, but the benefits always outweigh the cost, especially when it comes to a working AC unit in the Florida heat. We will make sure to get your new unit installed in no time.

How our process works: We will send someone out to inspect the area and ductwork, to ensure all systems related to your unit are up to par. Then we will begin the work. Once the workday starts, it shouldn’t take longer than a day to get the new system up.  

Gold Club Membership

With our Gold Club Membership, you get the perks of an AC red carpet treatment. What does that mean? It means you always get priority service, 15 percent off on labor and parts (that’s right- 15 percent off labor and parts!), and the first pound of refrigerant is free.

We are your Orlando air conditioner maintenance team, committed to giving you top of the line service. If you need your AC serviced or replaced, give us a call today.

How to Set a Thermostat: The Ultimate Guide

how to set a thermostat

You may not be aware of this, but you could save tons of money by just setting your thermostat. Learn how to set a thermostat right to start saving money now.

This isn’t saying that you should keep your house warm in the summers and cold in the winters. No, this is about being economical when it comes to your thermostat settings. Here’s how to set a thermostat.

Setting the Fan

Leave the fan on “auto.” The fan will only engage when the AC or heat is turned on. If you leave the fan on “on,” it will stay on. Otherwise, this will waste energy.

Keeping Your House Cool

You can turn on the AC by switching the thermostat to the “cool” setting. Usually, a thermostat will have three different settings: “cool,” “heat,” and “off.”

When switching to “cool,” make sure you set it to “cool” or “auto.” On “auto,” set your desired AC and heating temperatures.  On “cool” just set it to the cooling temperature that you want.

Most thermostats will tell you two temperatures. One is the temperature in your home, and the other is the desired temperature you want your home to be. The system will then engage till the house has reached that desired temperature.

Keeping Your House Warm

Setting the heat is similar to above, except you want to set a higher temperature than the temperature of your home. The heat will then engage until the inside of your home is warm.

Pre-Program Your Thermostat

You can pre-program your thermostat to be on when you’re home and to be off when you are not home. Each thermostat is different, but the methods are all the same when it comes to pre-programming.

To pre-program your thermostat, take notes when you are home and record the temperatures to recognize what to set your thermostat at, as well as take notes when you are away from home for more than 4 hours.

After that week is up, you can set your thermostat. Most thermostats have a “set” and “clock/day/schedule” on them (or something similar). Follow the prompts when setting.

When you are home, set it for the AC to be as cool or hot (as desired) and when you’re away for longer than four hours, set the system to switch “off” or up 4-5 degrees.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can save you money. It can adjust the temperature when you’re not home. A smart thermostat can be synced up with your wifi, and the AC can be changed on a phone app when you’re away from home (or even at home).

New smart thermostats can be synced up with Alexa too.  

If you have any questions or concerns about how to set a thermostat or are interested in upgrading your thermostat to a smart thermostat, call your AC professionals at 4 Seasons today. We’re here to help.