Air Conditioning Systems

Guiding Orlando and the surrounding areas with how to select a new Air Conditioning & Heating system for their residence or commercial building.

What to expect when you call 4 Seasons to get your heating and cooling system replaced:

  1. When you call 4 Seasons to get pricing on a new system, an Installation Coordinator will set an appointment to survey your home at your convenience.
  2. 4 Seasons will review your wants and expectations of your new comfort system and the installation. This is the best time for you to address existing comfort issues in your home (hot & cold rooms, poorly placed grilles, noisy grilles, allergies, etc…) and let us know of any changes that you would like to make.
  3. 4 Seasons will survey the structure including attic insulation, windows, age of the home, construction materials, etc…, in order to determine the correct size unit for your home. Even if you are currently happy with the existing sized equipment, that doesn’t mean today’s same size equipment will produce the same amount of cooling and humidity removal. In order to provide our comfort guarantee it is imperative that we calculate your homes heat load and size the system accordingly. At the end of the day, the system you install is your decision, but we need to provide you with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision.
  4. All of the accessible air ducts must be inspected to insure no air leaks (this is a 2010 Florida Building Code requirement) and to verify duct sizing will be compatible with the unit that you select.
  5. After we have completed our survey and you have shared your needs with us, we will help you select the equipment and accessories that will best fit you and your home.
  6. As soon as you choose your system we will schedule the installation. Most change outs can be completed in one day, but your representative will let you know what to expect with your particular job.
  7. A 4 Seasons craftsman will arrive on the day previously scheduled to install your new cooling and heating equipment in accordance to code. Prior to beginning any work we will protect your home with drop cloths and carpet runners in all of the work areas. Our lead craftsman will take a few minutes to answer any questions you may have and let you know what to expect during the day.
  8. Periodically during the installation, a 4 Seasons Supervisor will check your installation.
  9. When the installation is done and the cleanup complete, our craftsman will review the thermostat operation, filter location, drain line clean out and other important use and care issues with you before leaving.
  10. In order to maintain your factory warranty and keep your system in like-new condition, every full system installation will receive a 4 Seasons Gold Club agreement which will provide you with one system tune- up during the first year of operation.

Gold Club plans are available for all of our residential customers. Each Gold Club member receives two Precision Tune-Ups per year on your air conditioning and heating system, 15% discount on repairs, discounted diagnostic rates, never pay overtime rates, a two year parts warranty on all repairs and priority service scheduling!!!

We are a Lennox Preferred Contractor, Honeywell Contractor Pro™ and participate in the Progress Energy Home Energy Improvement Program and Orlando Utilities Residential Rebates.

How can 4 Seasons offer a Comfort Guarantee?

Before we help you chose an air conditioning and heating system, we will insure that we are providing you with the equipment options that we can stand behind. We do this by:

  • Manual J Load Calculations for all equipment installations to ensure proper equipment sizing for your home and lifestyle.
  • Duct Sizing Calculations for new duct installations, including renovations, additions and repairs to existing duct systems.

Selecting the heating and cooling equipment, and options, that best fit your needs and budget is an important part of 4 Seasons’ business practices. Just as important is listening to you, the customer. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to select a heating and cooling system- without high pressure or scare tactics.

Meeting your design conditions will ensure that every 4 Seasons air conditioning and heating system installation will provide you with a comfortable, safe environment. Prompt dependable service, quality products and attention to detail are why we continue to be industry leaders in the Central Florida marketplace. Check out our reviews at the Better Business Bureau and on-line sites such as Google.

Available options and accessories:

  • Air quality products include high efficiency electronic air cleaners, media filters, electrostatic filters, and UV lights.
  • Thermostats including the new Honeywell wireless with iPhone and Android apps for control anywhere, easy-to-read digital displays and programmable thermostats with humidity control function.
  • Zoning systems can enhance your comfort and reduce operating costs. The temperature for an individual room or area can be controlled with a dedicated thermostat.
  • Indoor air quality products such as UV lights for control of organic growth on coils and drain pans, air purifiers for a healthier environment and pleated air filters for cleaner air.
  • Rooms that are always hotter or colder than the rest of the house can be fixed. 4 Seasons will evaluate the air distribution system and make recommendations to correct these air conditioning and heating problems.

Utility Rebates: Most local utility companies offer rebates on high efficiency heat pump installation. 4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating will process the rebate forms for you.

Extended Equipment Warranties for up to twelve years parts and labor are available on many equipment models.

Tax Credits: While most of the tax credits have expired, the solar tax credits are still available. Through our partnership with a local solar installation contractor and Lennox, we offer Sun Source™ Home Energy Systems, one of the simplest ways to bring money-saving solar power into your home. Sun Source™ uses solar energy to cool and heat your home and possibly supply electricity for other household needs.