3 Reasons Why You Need Post-Hurricane Orlando Emergency Services

Orlando Emergency Services

6.4 million Florida homes grappled with the aftermath left by the destructive Hurricane Irma. When you’re worried about the safety and comfort of your family, air conditioning can be a major concern, especially if losing power in ninety-degree weather is a possibility.

Most people think that once the flood waters recede and the power returns, their air conditioning unit will run as it did before the turmoil. That may not be the case, but here are three reasons you need Orlando emergency services before it’s too late.


Orlando AC Company: Is Your AC Ready For Hurricane Season?

Orlando AC Company

Hurricane season is among us, and your AC should be ready! Today your Orlando AC company is sharing a few before and after tips to ensure a long lasting AC unit.

Tis the season for hurricanes but is your AC ready? Today we are sharing a few important tips we believe will protect your HVAC system from substantial damages. Always call 4 Seasons, your Orlando AC company, for an inspection before and after a storm to ensure minimal damage.


3 Benefits Of Having A Winter Garden Dehumidifier In Your Home

Winter Garden Dehumidifier

It’s not always easy being able to tell if your home is in need of a dehumidifier. Today we’re sharing the three benefits of having a Winter Garden dehumidifier in your home.

It’s not always easy being able to tell if your home is in need of a Winter Garden dehumidifier. Tell tale signs are usually water stains forming along your walls or ceiling and mold showing up in unexpected areas around your house. Some signs of humidity are slightly trickier to spot; especially in Central Florida, where a humid environment is our ever-present state of affairs.


The Red Flags Of An Unlicensed Sanford AC Contractor

Sanford AC Contractor

Do you know your Sanford AC contractor? Today we’re sharing some red flags of an unlicensed AC contactor.

Hiring an unlicensed Sanford AC contractor is a serious threat to the health and safety of your family in the home. Hiring a licensed person has the necessary education, experience, insurance, and qualifications to obtain a license. They are properly tested, have had a criminal record report, and holds the professional standards of a company.