Why You Need An Appropriate Apopka AC Unit

Apopka AC

Some may think that the bigger the AC unit the better, but that is not the case. You need an appropriate Apopka AC in order to evenly cool the space.

The first thing you would like to hear when coming from the outside blazing heat is the sound of an air conditioning unit. However, the rumbling sound of an AC unit does not necessarily mean it is working appropriately. It can actually mean the Apopka AC is too big.  A properly sized unit should not be (or barely be) audible.

The cooling load of any house or office varies based on inside and outside conditions, and the calculation of the heat transfer based on those conditions tells us the appropriate size of the air conditioner needed.

You would think that a big AC unit would cause the AC to run faster and cooler but the opposite happens. An oversized unit can cause the AC to cool less because it runs shorter cycles. As the AC first starts up it wastes a lot of energy. Large units send out strong, cold blasts of air designed for very large cooling loads. If the cooling load in the home or office is smaller than the unit is designed for, the cold blasts of air can trick the thermostat into thinking the entire load has been cooled off, resulting in the thermostat to turn the air off. If an over sized unit keeps getting turned on and off, the power needs to start it back up would be more than the power it would take to keep a smaller unit running constantly.

Having an appropriately sized unit puts out the right amount of air for the cooling load, and the air in the space will be cooled evenly. The cold blasts of an oversized unit in a small space will create drafts and uneven cooling. An appropriately sized Apopka AC will cool slowly, mix the air evenly and eliminate any drafts around air registers. This will allow the air to run longer, reach peak efficiency, and ultimately lower energy costs.

Energy and money will be saved when your Apopka AC fits with the space needed to be cooled. Our 4 Seasons Air repairmen will calculate the cooling load of the rooms and over all space.

Having a properly working AC unit is essential, especially in Florida. Click here to learn more about our AC checklist so you will have a cool AC in the summer and a warm heater in the winter.