Three Ratings For Your St.Cloud AC System Clean

St. Cloud AC System Clean

Did you know there are minute particles in the air at home that can cause harm to our bodies? Learn the three ratings for a good quality St. Cloud AC system.

The majority of particles in the air are extremely small and cannot be captured by standard air filters. These small particles, if not trapped, can enter your body and into your lungs. Filters cannot remove bacterial contaminants, however, filters treated with an antimicrobial coating or ultraviolet lights can inhibit their growth.

Today we are sharing the importance of having your St. Cloud system clean, and how air purification is crucial in your home. There are three ratings that are useful when selecting a filter including:

  • Synthetic Dust Arrestance
  • Atmospheric Dust Spot Efficiency
  • Pressure Drop

Synthetic Dust Arrestance

The first rating for having and keeping your St. Cloud system clean is a synthetic dust capturing value. This measurement relates to the ability of the filter to remove large harsh particles in the air. The test is conducted by placing the test filter into a clean test duct where a measured quantity of synthetic dust is fed to the filter. The weight of dust is fed into the filter to obtain the value.

Atmospheric Dust Spot Efficiency

This is a rating of the filters ability to remove small particles from the circulating air. The test is based on the quality of finer dust particles to stain or discolor surfaces they settle on. Dust-spot efficiency is determined by observing the amount of staining caused by known qualities of small particles in a white filter downstream of the test filter.

Pressure Drop

The third rating keeping your St. Cloud AC system clean is the pressure drop. This is a major consideration when selecting your air filter device. For a good quality HVAC system, the filter pressure drop must be included with the other system losses to determine that the system will have sufficient air moving capabilities to serve the building loads. Excessive device pressure drop can reduce airflow to critical levels resulting in coil freeze up, or even heat exchanger and compression failures.

At 4 Seasons Air, we provide a comprehensive St. Cloud AC system clean for your home! A frequent clean up is what you need to keep the air quality in your home pristine.

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