Orlando AC Ventilation Options For Your Home

Orlando AC Ventilation

Whether you know it or not, pollutants are in your home. Here are sharing the ins and outs of your Orlando AC ventilation.

Pollutants like smoke, grease from cooking, odors from pets, and other miscellaneous particles may be present in your home. With proper year round Orlando AC ventilation, you can decrease the levels of contaminants and remove them from the space.

Orlando AC ventilation is defined as the process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means from any space.

Three reasons why Orlando AC ventilation is necessary:

  • It ensures a continuous source of fresh air containing oxygen
  • It decreases any contaminants generated in the area
  • It forces contaminated air to be exhausted

If air is changed frequently enough the overall level of contaminants will be lowered. This is called dilution ventilation. Dilution ventilation is based on the idea that airborne contaminants do not remain in one space but move throughout the entire area. Dilution ventilation does not eliminate the exposure to pollutants, but it reduces its concentrations through dilution.

Ventilation can be split into two, supply ventilation and exhaust ventilation.

Supply Ventilation

Supply ventilation involves forcing outdoor air into the space using fans or blowers. The air moving may be a part of or separate from the HVAC system. Pushing outdoor air into the structure causes indoor air to leave the structure.

Exhaust Ventilation

Exhaust ventilation involves forcing indoor air and contaminants out of the structure either through exhaust fans open doors and/ or windows. Exhausting indoor air causes outdoor air to enter the space through planned or unplanned ways.

Areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should have vented mechanical fans to handle their exhaust needs.

At 4 Seasons we can help with any of your Orlando AC ventilation needs. Our consultants will analyze the quantity of ventilation air and the buildings exhaust capability. We have a 24/7 hotline to answer any of your ventilation questions.

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