3 Reasons Why You Need Post-Hurricane Orlando Emergency Services

Orlando Emergency Services

6.4 million Florida homes grappled with the aftermath left by the destructive Hurricane Irma. When you’re worried about the safety and comfort of your family, air conditioning can be a major concern, especially if losing power in ninety-degree weather is a possibility.

Most people think that once the flood waters recede and the power returns, their air conditioning unit will run as it did before the turmoil. That may not be the case, but here are three reasons you need Orlando emergency services before it’s too late.

Flooded A/C System

If your home suffered any flood damage and your air conditioner came in contact with water for a prolonged period, your unit has undoubtedly undergone damage. When your air conditioning unit comes in contact with water, the ducts will begin to corrode which inhibits the unit from functioning as efficiently as it should.

Debris In The Outdoor Unit

Considering the heavy rain and high winds hurricanes bring, you can safely assume that during the storm your air conditioning unit had its fair share of debris lodged inside. Turning on your outdoor unit without the removal of this debris can cause your air conditioner to be unsound.

Electrical Shortage

During a storm, contact with water can leave your air conditioning unit vulnerable to electrical failure. Our Orlando emergency services team recommends for you to hold off on starting your air conditioning unit until after it has been inspected to avoid causing an electrical shortage. Even if it seems like the unit will function properly, there’s no telling what kind of long-term damage this can cause your air conditioner.

Before you turn on the air conditioning unit, make sure you have booked an appointment with our Orlando emergency services team so they can ensure that your unit is safe and ready to cool down you and your family.